Thursday, April 28, 2011

Eating a Rainbow

The other day I thought it would be fun to add a bit of artistry to our smoothies.

We made a rainbow
(though we didn't exactly have B.I.V.  because I only had blueberries and grapes for that end of the spectrum).
The girls loved it.
Of course, when all blended together it was brown,
because that's what you get when you mix all of your watercolor paints together, right?
Tasted good though.


nikko said...

Hmm.. I've never thought of putting carrots in a smoothie.

My kids are always turned off by the fact that it turns brown in the end.

Annalia said...

egh. I think that makes the green shakes look double-appetizing. It looked lovely until you blended it! :)

Paige said...

My kids don't actually care about the color (yet?)...but we do usually try for a prettier color. Chick likes pink or purple ones, so we add extra things in that direction. We usually have enough greens to make it turn green, and we are all ok with that.

I was adding carrot juice, but then I figured we might as well get the fiber from whole carrots. It's like spinach--you don't taste it.

Katie said...

Sam has been really in to smoothies lately too. He does mostly vegetable ones, but lately has been adding things like kiwi and papaya. So far I have not liked any of his, but maybe it's time for me to do a little experimenting, too.