Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I only have a minute, but I miss blogging : (

I mentioned in my last post that I was working on the downstairs.  Still no "after pictures," but today I did some of the color painting.  It's a light avocado color (I don't think the swatch shown is green enough, but maybe it's just my computer?).  It'll be paired with a robins egg blue.  The actual color names are: Greentree and Wintergreen Ash.  Whatever.  Anyhow, most of the room is a creamy white, but there are accents in these colors.  I'm pretty excited.

I knew in my head that I wanted a blue-green-(slight)yellow palatte (I like the peaceful analogous combination--it reminds me of an impressionist pastoral painting).  I found fabric for the curtains, but hesitated.  Now the fabric is nowhere to be found.  I bought solid fabric and am going to paint the stripes on.  Wish me luck.  Seriously.  I'm nervous.

The party for my sister...oh, I haven't mentioned that.  My sister recently got married and isn't having a reception.  So I volunteered to throw a family party for her.  I didn't want it here, but for lack of a better space.... Anyhow, that's what started all of the work downstairs-- if we can fix it up down there then we'll double our party space.  Anyhow, here's the invitation that I designed for it:
Ok, so the party, is in less than a week and a half.  eeeeee.  I'm excited, but have much to do before then.  I'm actually considering hiring a cleaning lady for a few hours.

I haven't started teaching the kids Italian yet, but I have exposed them to more Italian than before, and it's been fun to hear some Italian "jibberish" being spoken.

I found a compromise for the recliner.  I'm replacing the missing spring, and I ordered a slipcover today.  Cross your fingers.  I hope HH appreciates my efforts : )  Stay tuned for "after" pictures of that too.

Since it wouldn't be a proper post without pictures of my kids:
Monkey stuck a bobby pin into an electrical outlet and burned her fingers (& a spot of the carpet).  I'm really glad that that's all that got damaged and that she's fine otherwise.  Scary.  We now have the annoying plug covers on all accessible outlets.
Speaking of bobby pins: Chick was holding a bobby pin and said that she was going to pretend that it was a "smoke stick."  She said the girl on "The Trouble with Angels" had a smoke stick.  At another point in the day she said, "I'm going to kill myself."  Turns out it was a quote from that same movie.  The movie is now banned.
I'm just waiting for Moose to choke on a bobby pin, and then I will ban those too.

The kids had a tent and fort set up while I did my monthly layout.  I always think their play is cutest when I'm supposed to be working.

To redeem the above stories about Chick: she gave her first talk in primary on Sunday and did a fabulous job.  She's a good public speaker.

(Next year Monkey will be a sunbeam, and I'm dreading when she is assigned a talk.  There's no way that she'll do anything of the kind.)

Well, I guess I gotta get to bed.  Tomorrow is a trial day at the gym, shopping for stuff for the party, making soup and bread, and a blue painting day : )


Katie said...

Wow, Zoe has said similar things, too. I couldn't think of an exact movie that she would have heard them from, but we are much more careful in what they are allowed to watch now.

Ouchie about the burn! So glad that was all that happened!

Good luck with the rest of your house. I am so excited to see it!

nikko said...

How scary about the burn. We have always had those annoying covers on the outlets. Annoying, but you get used to it.

Good luck with all the painting. I would love to see some before, during, and after photos!