Friday, September 24, 2010

KCWC: Days 3 & 4

I'm super lame.  Day 3 was spent working on the ruffle dresses.  I was up until 1 a.m. working on them.  But sadly, I didn't measure well to begin with.   I'm not using a pattern, and I'm not even clear on the process to arrive at the finished product.  So I made them too small and must now order more fabric.  I do have hope that they'll turn out well in the end, but getting to that point might be a long haul. 

There's a tiered pink satin skirt, with a neutral (white & beige) chiffon ruffle skirt over that, and a beige, pink, gray chiffon ruffle skirt on top.  The bodice will be gray-- Chick's will be drop waisted, and Monkey's will be empire waisted.  Little cap sleeves, and probably some chiffon ruffle flowery-thing up near the neckline.  Possibly a sash. 

Anyhow, KCWC day 4 was spent putzing around.  I got out a project that I came up with a year or so ago, but had stashed away before actually doing it.  It's another matchy-match thing for the girls, but won't be completely matching because Monkey has grown in the past year, so I had to alter my plan for hers.  Sewing time for yesterday and today have been ineffective cutting out & planning days.  I have yet to actually start sewing it.  I've just been tired....

HH, on the other hand, has been productive.  The "fuzzy wall" that was stripped naked over a year ago (!) is finally making progress.  My sister L came to help me mud it last week, and HH has sanded it and put a second coat on.  I'm starting to feel hopeful that it'll be a normal wall someday!! wahoo!

He also put in a new doorbell & porch light!  Yay HH!  (I bought them...can I say Yay Me?). 
Other than that, I dehydrated a bunch of bananas this week. basta.

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Annalia said...

I love the pink and grey...sorry you hit a roadblock with that project! :(
Super classy doorbell...maybe I'll ring it one of these days. Seeming unlikely at the moment, since the thing I mailed to you (nothing don't get your hopes up) came back with a "no such address" stamped on it. I felt like Elvis.