Friday, January 15, 2010

Stories from Earlier this Week & Today.

A couple of days ago we got a toddler bed for Monkey...mostly so that she can get up and play with her sister without me having to get out of bed to get her. Lazy, I know, but I'm tired in the mornings. Anyhow, she seems to like it. It's unceremoniously up against the crib for now...hard to fit 2 toddler beds, a crib, a bookshelf, and a wardrobe all into the same room.

On my Mom's birthday, Chick and I made cupcakes & a cake. The cake was in a silicone pan that I have to get rid of because it has an odor & gives the cakes a strange taste. So we kept the cake & gave away the cupcakes (I'd intended the opposite). Chick had a good time putting the muffin cups in different patterns.

I think it was yesterday--Monkey brought me a wet washcloth that she got out of the laundry or from the rod on the front of the stove. Sometimes she brings us random things, so I just said "thank you" and took it from her. Then she pointed and tapped at a spot on my pants. She seemed contented enough when I rubbed the spot off with the washcloth.

I saw another deal on MoneySavingMom, so I spent too much time revising Chick's birthday party invite & making Thank You Note's to match (the revision was putting patterned backgrounds in) & ordering them. But this way I'll save on printer ink & don't have to try to round up 5x7 envelopes. So 10 invites & 14 thank you's for $2.49. Not bad, and I was happy with the quality of my Christmas order, and the shipping/turnaround time was super, 3 days, I think.

After that, I did a little bit of design work & sent the invoice to my boss, so layout is DONE for the month.

While I was working on the computer, the girls played with dress up clothes and both seemed to have a great time.

We had a lunch break in there somewhere, which was pure joy because my kitchen is really clean...thank you, flylady. I have a ways to go before I'm really "entrenched" in the system, but the few things that I've started doing are really making a difference for me.

I spent a bit of time researching cell phone plans...I've finished my contract & want something that costs about the same but has more minutes... T-Mobile has that, but HH says he's never heard anything good about their coverage or service. Any thoughts from anyone else?

Lastly, I cut Chick's hair. Last year it was so cute. This year it's too short (and not shaped as well). I know it'll grow, but her 3 year pictures are scheduled for the 24th.... I'm totally remorseful. I didn't take pictures...maybe tomorrow.

Anyhow, tomorrow I'll have a bunch to do for 8 is Great, as well as a dinner/planning mtg for my parents' upcoming 50th anniversary bash, as well as getting sharing time squared away. But in my spare time I hope to do another cruise posting about Roatan, Honduras. So stay tuned : )

(Here is a little video of Chick "reading" from "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See?" By the way, yesterday was laundry day. Can you tell?)


Annalia Romero said...

Well, it'll be nice to have monkey out of the crib before baby #3 wants it, regardless of laziness.
:) ...and you're never lazy now anyhow, because no matter what else you're doing, you're nurturing a new life.

Katie said...

fun! We love "brown bear" in our house, too. In fact, yesterday Zoe brought me her crayons and a paper and said, "can you draw a red bird?" after I did, she said, "can you draw a blue horse?" we went through the whole book, including the teacher and the children! :)

I love the green color in the girls room!

Steph said...

Is her hair really that bad? I bet her pictures turn out just beautiful. :)

Sara said...

Paige, I'm de-lurking here. I'm not sure if you remember me, but our mother's worked on a stake level together.

Anyway, I have to tell you, my husband works for T-mobile and yes, I'm a bit biased. However, we get great coverage unless you live on Whidbey Island. Nobody is perfect and I'm sure every cell carrier has some bad customer service, but we've had AT&T and I cannot tell you how many different places I couldn't talk on my phone that I can now with our T-Mobile service.

Also, here is a link where you can find out if you have service where you live.

You may want to check your home, work and anywhere else you frequently go.

Sara Moore-Vermillion