Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gimme a P!

P for Pom-Poms! and P for Party!! and P for Perfect Party Dress!!!

Ok, I'm a little excited. I can't tell you how much I love the internet and little girls and parties.

First things first: Last week I was at a local scrapbook store and saw cool paper pom-pom ball things hanging from the ceiling. I asked the clerk about them and she told me how to make them. TOTALLY EASY. Evidently they've been around forever, and here are the instructions on I made some last night, to try it out, and some more today. Did I mention they were EASY??! And so cool looking. I'm excited because all the ones that I made thus far were just reusing paper that came in gift bags! And these will be a great alternative to buying a helium balloon bouquet, which I was planning to do. Plus I'm hopeful that after the party I can smooth them out and stash them for the next party.

Here are the ones that I've done (I am going to buy some more tissue paper & make a couple more. They won't be hung all in a bunch for the party, I just needed to put them somewhere).

Then: Walking past my sewing room I saw a dress in my refashion box--a dress that is darling and fits Chick, but it's a little funny on the top, like it is supposed to have a jacket to go with it, or something? But it caught my eye because it is the same colors as the party. Soo I was thinking "I could whip up a quick shruggy jacket to go with that for Chick!" Then I was thinking, "I could save some time and just cut off the top part & add ribbon straps & call it good!!" So here's the before and after.

AND: I happened to see this blog with these sewn streamers (here and here).
I don't want to do them all scrappy like that-- but I do like the idea of sewing 2 strands together & ruffling them up as you sew, so that they are more sturdy (because after Monkey's party in November I almost tried to salvage the streamers, I felt horrible just throwing them out. I'm not a disposable sort of person, I'd much rather have things to reuse). I haven't actually sewn them yet, but stay tuned! I'm really excited to have found that posting today.

Tomorrow: sew the birthday crown, streamers, paint stools (that HH cut down today to fit the table that we had already cut down to preschool size), double check on cake ingredients etc, pick up more tissue paper & balloons, assemble the banner, sew the bean bags, and pick up printed stuff from the printshop.
Friday: tie up all the loose ends, bake & decorate the cake, finish painting stools, hang streamers & balloons, and set the tables.


nikko said...

Oh my gosh you are so ambitious! Can't wait to hear about the party! :o)

Steph said...

Looks like a rockin' party. Have fun.

Simply Simmons said... have to stop. You're killing me with creativity. I love it!!

Heather, Rex, etc. said...

You are so amazing how resourceful you are. I love how you are able to find so many cool things on the internet. I just try to follow your blog, learn your discoveries, and copy you. After reading this blog, I'm going to start searching the internet for party ideas for my little girl. What a great tip!