Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Here's what I'm up to...

I only have a minute for blogging today, but I wanted to share the invitations that I designed for Chick's birthday! (obviously this particular invitation was doctored for the blog...the real one actually has useful information and not just "blah blah blah")

I found some free vector images, so I've altered them to fit my purposes & am going to make most (maybe all?) of the decorations and such for the party...she picked the theme, and I have to admit that I'm thrilled. I loved Hello Kitty when I was little & still think that she is adorable!

Anyhow, I've been busy with FINALLY getting my phone book project wrapped up and sent to the printer...just before the cruise my boss decided to increase the pagination to 60, and to increase the deadline so that I could finish it (rather than having to hand it off to the other designer).

Plus I'm in the middle of my regular layout.

Plus I have Sharing Time this month, and I'm in charge of the "8 is Great" fireside this Sunday.

Plus, now that I have a theme for Chick's birthday I am getting a little bit Hello Kitty obsessed & am having trouble buckling down and doing the aforementioned things that I need to do!! (I think I'll do like cake #23 on this site)

Anyhow, funny news: I went to a liquidation store yesterday with the girls, and while I was looking at little toys for party favors, Monkey got the bottle of glue that I had put in the cart (away from her, or so I thought) and took the lid off & poured it all over herself, the contents of the cart, and the floor. She might also have eaten some. Good times.

Another funny tidbit: I made invitations for "8 is Great" and when I passed them out to the kids I learned that I had written "2009" on all of them & didn't think anything of it until the kids laughed at me and told me that I was a little late.

In my down time I've been ORGANIZING! I started with the girls' clothing--we'd been given some great bags of hand-me-downs, but they'd just been stashed here and there & not divided by sizes. Plus as they've outgrown things I didn't put them away in any organized way. So anyhow, we had boxes and boxes of clothes in the living room for a couple of days & now it's all nice and organized.

That led to the start of organizing the "tool room" which had become such a stash-all that you couldn't even walk in--seriously, it was totally filled with anything and everything. It's now only 1/2 filled, and all sewing and crafty/scrapbooking/beading/mosaic stuff has been carefully organized into the guest/sewing room closet. The baby gear that was in the sewing room closet is now in the nursery closet, and Chick's grow into stuff is in the tool room closet because that will be her room later this year. Make sense? Really I just transferred stuff in a circle (triangle) between the three room.

And while I'm still working on keeping up with all of my resolutions, the most exciting one right now is restarting Flylady. I could REALLY get used to having a clean kitchen!

Uh, I guess that's it. I hope to do some more cruise postings in the next day or two, but I should probably get layout done first. grrrr.


Katie said...

Wow, you are busy!! I tried to do a hello kitty cake for Zoe's 2nd birthday, but my porportions were a teensy bit off so it didn't look so cute, lol. I bet yours will be adorable.

Heather, Rex, etc. said...

Aggg! Glue!!!!