Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Us, randomly

It shouldn't be so hard to get a picture of two little girls together.... Monkey wants nothing to do with it, though: she cries as soon as Chick puts her arm around her. And Chick over smiles now... her pictures are starting to be cuter if you tell her to "look _______(insert emotion here)."

Tired Monkey.

Here's a little preview of Monkey's birthday party this coming weekend : ) I copied the idea from Dana at MADE (I feel like I should add "of course" here, since I get so many good ideas from her). We aren't doing an Uno theme like she did (I don't have a theme, just the colors lavender & purple), but I think it's cute anyhow.

Amazon is doing a free $3 toward MP3 downloads. I couldn't think of the songs that I've been wanting to get, so I started looking at Christmas music. I got: "Zat You, Santa Claus?" by Louis Armstrong, "Let it be Christmas" by Alan Jackson, and "Christmas Carol" by Tran-syberian Orchestra. Yup, we're listening to Christmas music. It was several rounds of just those three songs until this morning when I remembered that I had the music that Oprah gave away last year. I think HH will be happy with the variety.

Lastly, here's what is happening here: Monkey is wandering around, playing with blocks and Chick & the rocking chair, and whatever she happens to see. Her hair is crazy right now because she got milk in it at breakfast & I haven't washed it out yet (bad mommy). Chick is playing with a fitted sheet that was washed but not folded & put away yet...it was her coccoon, but now she says its her sleeping bag. I'm wasting time on the computer, and listening to Faith Hill sing "Joy to the World" at the moment. A trip to the grocery store is immenent.

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