Tuesday, November 24, 2009

HH Day 09

HH turned 37 this weekend!
On Saturday we arranged a hot date. We NEVER date. I know its supposed to be every week, but whatever. So I arranged for my sister & her kids to babysit (which went fantastically, thanks you guys!!!!! It was SO nice to never have to worry about how things were going). We settled on meeting up with one of HH's old roommates (best man from our wedding), Travis & his wife Diana, & going to the Bodies Exhibition in Seattle. They suggested a little restaurant for a quick bite to eat first. I spent a lot of time getting ready & curled my hair & it looked super cute.

We left on time, but there was terrible, terrible traffic almost the entire way down, and what we thought would be a half hour trip took an hour & a half. Plus parking was hard to find & HH didn't want to park in a garage at first, so we drove around forever before he gave in & paid for parking. (It's times like that when I have to remind myself that I ADMIRE & LOVE his frugality....) and then we had to walk (he walked, I trotted to keep up) several blocks in the rain without an umbrella to meet our friends. Bye bye curls, hello full bladder that doesn't like the running.

So we met them, (with their huge umbrella) and we walk to the restaurant. It closed at 8. So Travis used his GPS & we walked several more blocks to PF Changs, where we waited FOREVER (despite Travis charming the desk girl) to be seated. Of course, by then it was too late to eat AND go to see Bodies, so I told HH he could have a raincheck for it (though honestly I'm not all that sure that I really want to see it... despite reading good reviews).
So thats all the bad stuff. Then the good stuff started. GREAT dinner, which T & D payed for as a gift to HH (Thanks, you guys really ARE super cool!). It was the several course option, so we were there for a long time & just enjoyed visiting and spending time with them & being on a DATE. It was fantastic. The waiter was nice and threw in a free dessert for HH as a birthday gift...he wouldn't sing in Chinese, though.

We got home late, but loved hearing how well things had gone here at home: the girls had a blast with their cousins & Aunt. When we went to check on them, Chick had gotten a picture of HH & me down from the bookshelf & propped it on the side rail of her bed so that we were right there with her as she went to sleep. Kinda funny, since she never acts like she misses us!

Anyhow, on Sunday we had Brownies & Ice Cream with HH's brother & his family. That was really fun too. The picture of HH & Chick is of them blowing out the candles--in reality it was REALLY CUTE but the camera is getting old & had a slow shutter.
Chick enjoyed trying out HH's new cooler.


Annalia Romero said...

Happy Birthday HH!

Simply Simmons said...

Happy Birthday to HH. So wish we could have been there to celebrate. I think we would have crashed the dinner date with T&D!! (Terrible, aren't we!)

Miss you guys!! Hope things are going well!