Monday, November 16, 2009

Playing Catch Up

I've been wanting to blog about everything that's going on, but there's been too much going on to blog about it! So here's a quick rundown....

Last weekend we had a delicious dinner at my brother Mike's house (eating there is always gourmet) and then we rushed off to see Disney On Ice. Both girls LOVED it. It started at 7:30, and Chick (stinker that she is) hadn't napped that day. Needless to say, she was tired. But she WILL NOT sleep if there's something to see, so it was fine. Her favorite parts were: seeing Donald Duck, the Cars, and "our fairy cousins" (not sure why the fairies are our cousins....). Monkey liked the show at first & was clapping along. For the second half she was more interested in the family behind us, and the picture of her wearing the hat is when the father let her borrow it from his girls. Anyhow, it was super fun: Thanks Ivonne for the tickets!

On Sunday we had church and then were supposed to have my sister & her kids over for dinner...but her son had the flu. So we invited my Aunt Diana over instead. Here's a little video of the girls at dinnertime.


This week has been busy with layout (of course), but I've also filled in the gaps with Christmas gift planning & crafting!! I honestly think this is my favorite time of year: Not actually Christmas, but right now, when all of our birthdays + Christmas are almost here & I get to make fun things. I love it. It's even better this year because the furnace broke & we have to keep a fire going in the fireplace, which makes it extra cozy. Add in some Jon Schmidt music and spiced cider (recipe link below) and the Thankful Wall (though a bit sparce still) and some cold rainy weather (with occasional gusty wind) outside and you have a little Autumn perfection.

Here's another little perfection: a little video of Monkey with her two favorite things (cell phone & rocking chair).


Anyhow, that was last week. This weekend HH had a scout training overnighter, so rather than being home with the girls by my lonesome I went to my sister Judy's house (which is 10 minutes from his campout) and let the girls run wild with Jude's foster boys while we had a crafty day. Yummy comfort food & productivity with my sister...can't be beat. I got two projects done, and two half done (I may post pictures, but maybe not, since Chick sometimes likes to look at the pictures on my blog).

On Sunday we had the postponed dinner with my sister Melinda & her kids. For both of the Sunday dinner's (with Aunt Diana & with Melinda) I did the same recipes: Apple Stuffed Pork Tenderloin with Pumpkin Casserole (I used less sugar the first time & it was better that way). Last night we also had this Pineapple Cider. All of the recipes were a success, but the pumpkin casserole is my favorite-- I could eat an entire pan all by myself. I think Monkey could, too. I'm making it again for Thanksgiving.

I guess that brings me up to date. Oh, and I added a ticker, which you probably already saw. We're due May 27th.


Tanaya said...

Congratulations!! Such big news. I always read your blog via an RSS reader, so haven't seen the ticker.

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Katie said...

you have had a fun and busy few weeks! I so wish we could have a fireplace. I miss that!

Simply Simmons said...

YEAH for you!!! So HAPPY to "see" the good news!! Congratulations to you, HH, Chick and Monkey. Very exciting :)...just wish we were there! :(

Annalia Romero said...

Congrats! Spring is such a great time to have a baby! I'm very happy for your growing famiy. :)

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