Thursday, October 1, 2009

Little Pim Links

OK, some of you have expressed interest in Little Pim. Here is the official site. They have language dvds in several languages, Italian being one. I also have the Little Pim blog in my blogroll to the right. They have some interesting articles about learning languages & such sometimes.

I actually bought our set on, because that was the least expensive option. They are also available at Barnes&Noble.

They are total immersion, so no English translation (which is why Chick misunderstood that they were showing FEET not BABIES). The creators of Little Pim do recommend parental involvement to make it more interactive, which greatly improves the effectiveness.

Chick likes them. Now that she's more familiar with them she is repeating things back, so at least it's good for pronunciation. I don't know how much she gets from them--I'm afraid I haven't been very involved. Someday soon now [sigh] I'd like to start watching a 5 minute segment with her each day & then using those specific words during the lame am I that a 5 minute learning activity sounds like too much work?!!


Annalia Romero said...

Thanks, Paige!

Katie said...

Oh I so wish they had a Cantonese set! they have Mandarin, but that doesn't really help Maya. :( Looks like a good system, though!