Tuesday, September 29, 2009

More Chick-isms

A few weeks ago the neighbors were having some trees cut down. Chick had fun watching the trees come down, and watching the "monkey" in the tree...do you see the monkey? I wonder what the world looks like to little people for whom anything is possible still.
Yesterday was Muffin Tin Monday. It was no theme, and I didn't really plan anything out (or have anything special on hand, even). So Chick's dinner of leftovers was turned into MTM. She still insisted that we needed to take a picture--thank goodness for 2-year-olds who don't know that leftovers aren't special. Anyhow, it was applesauce, asparagus, juice, chicken, cheese-stuffed pasta, and carrots. Next week I'll do something really cute & next week has a fun theme (all about me).
We have the little Pim dvds. Lately Chick has been referring to Monkey as her "piebi"...she said it was Italian for "baby." I told her that baby was "bambina" but I couldn't figure out where "piebi" came from. A few minutes ago I heard it--they showed a baby in a bath, but more importantly they showed the baby's FEET (piedi). ah hah. I think I need to make those dvd's more interactive, or I'm going to have one funky faux-italian little girl running around!
Yesterday at lunch I was getting some green pepper for Chick. I asked her if she wanted it "in strips or in little chunks." She responded that she wanted it "in Italian."


Grandma N. said...

What was that monkey in the tree? And which neighbors house?

As I looked at the muffin tin lunch I thought that maybe thats how I should eat...it would keep my portions much more healthy but to keep from starving I'd need to use my 12 cup tin.

The "Italian" Chickism is Grandpa and I's favorite. Grandpa was puzzled that she would say such a thing but now that we know about her Italian DVD, the light dawns.

Steph said...

Muffin tin Monday looks good enough for me to eat. I love asparagus. What are th little Pim dvds. I would love for my kids to learn some italian. All they know is Spanish words and there dad has convinced them this is the coolest language.

Annalia Romero said...

where's the link to pim dvd's? they sound great!