Friday, September 25, 2009

Have you missed me?

I've been wanting to blog...I just didn't have time, and since I didn't have anything very pressing to write about it was easier to put other things before the blog. At any rate, here's my latest:

Ok, in my last post I mentioned getting a dishwasher. It was installed a week ago (Thanks, Mike & Judy!), and I have been IN HEAVEN ever since. Honestly, I would kiss the inventor if I ever met him. I wonder how I ever got through life without one... well, with a dirty kitchen, that's how. It's so great to wake up to a clean(er) kitchen & clean breakfast dishes! It's so great to dirty a bunch of dishes at dinner & not have to spend hours cleaning up afterwards! I took a video of it working it's magic, but it was honestly a really boring video.

I've been doing great at eating well & exercising. I'm enjoying sparkpeople, and not feeling alone as I try to lose weight. My results are dismal, though, and I'm just hoping that someday the efforts will pay off. I do feel better & I feed my family better, so I guess that's something.
It's also nice to be setting a good example for my cute little girlies. Here's a video from earlier today. I know it's short & kinda crummy, but here's what I love about it: Chick changed her outfit to more closely match the folks on the show, and Monkey was dancing along with them : )

On Monday night we got to visit with some of HH's family from Arizona. Here's Monkey with Cousin Ashton & Aunt Polly...

And here's Chick and Cousin Kota being read to by Grandma. We loved getting to spend time with them.

I recently listened to the audiobook of "The Red Tent" and I read "The Shack." Both were interesting & I liked things about them, but there were things I didn't like as well.

Monkey is doing better about not waking up too early in the mornings & the girls wake each other up around 7. As long as they are both in the room, they are happy for a while. So this morning I could hear them goofing around & when I went in, here's what I saw: Chick had taken all of the videos from the bookshelf and given them to Monkey to play with.

Oh, I just remembered a conversation from dinner last night. Chick took a long time eating her dinner & wanted other food. When she had finished what I had given her I told her that she could have something else if she was still hungry.
"What would you like to eat?"
"chocolate pudding."
"Uhh, we can have chocolate pudding on Sunday. You can help me make it."
"Oh, ok. That will be nice."
"What would you like to eat now?"
"Chocolate pudding."

Oh, ok, the last thing that I can think to write is that we had the most wonderful meal the other night! It's "Taco Soup" but really it's too thick for soup, so it's "Taco Stew." We all loved it. Honestly, I can't wait to make it again.

That's it. I'll try to lead a more fascinating life so that I have more to write about soon!


Katie said...

Lol, tell chick that I totally understand. I want chocolate pudding right now too, lol. That taco soup looks yummy! I'll have to add that to my "try" list.

Ann N. said...

Happy Day, you blogged! Most of the news I've heard in phone calls but still I love reading it again and seeing the pictures. I'm grateful to you for keeping after me abt SparkPeople because I know that if I persist it will make a difference. BUT like Chick, I find it hard to wait for my chocolate pudding. Love, Mom

Heather, Rex, etc. said...

Hello, sunshine!

nikko said...

I love the picture with the videos. Too funny.

I'll take some chocolate pudding, too. Who wants to wait for Sunday? :o)

Our little family said...

Looks like your family is happy and healthy. And I'm sure that you will see results if you keep at it and setting a good example/feeding your kids healthy is very important and something I'm not very good at. So, good job!

I love that taco soup recipe. My aunt passed it along when she was doing weight watchers. We call it "can soup" b/c you just do the beef/turkey and then dump a bunch of cans in and voila.. soup.