Friday, October 16, 2009

Well, now that I've mentioned it...

I'm obsessed with the idea of a new quilt for Chick. I won't get to start it until after the new year, but I guess I'll show you the possibilities & have a poll in my sidebar.

Chick's room is going to be spring colors. She'll probably have oversized flowers & garden-y items as well. I want her quilt to be orderly, so nothing too crazy for now. When she gets her own room (which isn't anytime soon, so honestly I don't know why I'm even thinking about it) she'll have these lockers instead of a dresser (the lockers are a salmon color, which should go ok with spring colors if I am careful about the color shades that I use). The quilt will be hand-quilted.

Below are the most likely quilt options. Please vote in the sidebar. Leave a comment after voting, and I'll enter you in a drawing for a goody. I have no idea what the goody will may not be that good of a goody, but it'll be something. It's always nice just to win, right?

(You can also comment if you know something like "that quilt design is terribly hard and time consuming" or "you could do that edge with that center and it would look awesome" keeping in mind that I've really only made one quilt--a machine quilted log cabin. You can also tell me what kind of colors you'd use where, etc)

(click on the links to see the quilts)

Mock Cathedral window. Of all the quilt designs, this is the one that I'm most itchy to try, but not sure if this is the best time to try it. I have never seen one in person. Is it still warm without batting? great tutorials here and here.

Strip quilt. I'd keep the same color (different fabrics, same color family) all the way across the width.

Zigzag. I've loved seeing MamaLia & Sarah's beautiful zigzag quilts, and this tutorial makes it so easy!

Pinwheel #1. This has such a fun, airy feel to it

Pinwheel #2. This is such a really gorgeous quilt. I love everything about it.

Cheaper by the Dozen. I love the scallop edging!! Here's her interesting tutorial/intro to quilting


Annalia Romero said...

Personally, I don't think any quilts are very warm...unless you have at least 3 of them piled on top of you or you are sharing them with a very warm person.

That aside, can I vote for "none of the above"? I honestly think you should do a Grandma's Flower Garden. It would be so thematic.

Really, I don't love the pinwheels, but I like all of the other ones - especially the cathedral windows! If you figure out how to do them, please show me!

Heather, Rex, etc. said...

I love home-made quilts. They just look so good and homey. Time consuming, though. But what a great feeling when you've finished it!!!!!

nikko said...

I adore cathedral windows. Someday, someday, someday, I will make one. I had no idea how to make them, though, till I looked at your links.

The strip quilt or zig zag would be a ton easier,though. And in my book easier means the more likely it will actually be finished. ;o)

Paige said...

Ok, seriously...I just looked up what a "grandma's flower garden" quilt looks like & can I just say that I'd like to finish the silly quilt before she's married?! Just cutting out those pieces looks insane!

S.Ann said...

Okay, for what it's worth from a non-quilter....
First impressions
#1 Mock Cathedral looks way to involved but then I never thought that you'd finish your bedroom quilt!
#2 So So I would like it better with different fabric
#3 Yes, lovely effect.
#4 No, too plain.
#5 Yes, I've always loved this design, it's cheerful & calming.
#6 No, too too busy! It would have me climbing the walls.

S.Ann said...

Lia is right that quilts with no batting are not warm, more for looks. Comforters are warm and cozy.

Jeanne said...

ooh I love the zig zag! I have never considered doing that design, but I just might...And I think use the colors from the cheaper by the dozen one.

That being said, my first Big quilt was a pinwheel and I love it...but not the easiest to match up the points on the pieces, mine didn't lay totally flat...maybe do a trial run first.

Other suggestions: Irish chain, foundation piecing(really fun!) , Sunbonnet Sue, snowball.

Katie said...

My thoughts were very similar to S.Ann. Out of all, I loved the Zig Zag effect the best, and think it would be really adorable with the colors you have in mind. And from my point of view (i.e. very beginniner quilter), it didn't look too complicated!

I was surprised how easily the pinwheel design goes together, but like Jeanne said, matching all the points could be a bit tricky.