Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Me Says Me

So many goings on. I've been too busy to blog about it & now face the task of catching up. deep breath... Well, the title of this blog is from Chick. I picked up a fridge phonics thingy for a dollar at VV because it played the abc song, which she loves. I didn't have any tiles to go with it. Then on Sunday we found a "U" tile in the church parking lot (could have put it in the lost & found, but I decided it didn't really matter that much...do you think less of me?). Anyhow, the "U" song gets stuck in my head, and I've been singing "U says U" a lot. Chick started singing with me, but she sang it "Me says Me!" too funny. I guess we need more letters to put the U into perspective.

Anyhow, so last week was layout, which always makes things a little crazy. Then we also had family visiting, so I had some cleaning for that & visiting with them. It was really fun--it's a fun change of pace to have a houseful. We went thrifting & to the park with my SIL Katie & her two girls, and on Saturday I had a baby shower to go to, everyone else (HH, Chick, & 3 of HH's siblings with their kids & spouses) went to Mukilteo park. Then we all hung out here at my place for dinner. Lots of cousins...lots of cousins who didn't really nap.

I got a cool pillowsham to use as fabric ($1) & 7 packs of vintage rickrack & trim ($1.80)

Chick hanging out with the big girls... On Sunday we got together again (Well, SIL Jeanne & family & BIL Joe & family--Katie was already down in AZ) to have dinner, but before dinner we walked to a nearby park. I think I am so lucky to be so close to the park. Jeanne has recently discovered Letterboxing, and we found 2 letterboxes in the park. It was so fun! We'll definitely be doing it more & I recommend it. I might even see about doing it on the cruise--I know there are some hidden in Grand Caymon (btw, the cruise isn't until December & it's western Caribbean). In the meantime, if anyone wants to go treasure hunting with us, just let me know! Chick's a bit young, but she likes going for walks at any rate.

Speaking of walks, we've taken a few good ones--I think I've finally gotten to the point of being ready to really exercise. Stay tuned about that....

I did a refashion in the last couple of weeks...I started with a very large tiered skirt with a hole in it. I loved the fabric; it called to me in the thrift store. I knew immediately that it wanted to become a set of impressionistic sundresses for my girls. I have just enough fabric left to make a skirt for Chick in a larger size.I don't have a good picture of Chick in hers, but it's forthcoming, because I'm going to alter a shirt to go with it. Here's Babe, though. She also got matching "panties" that are sewn patchwork style using several scrap pieces. And I made matching bracelets & hair accessories & a pin-on flower to wear in the bodice or to pin up the hemline. I made Chick's dress very full to accomodate TWIRLING. This was my first time shirring, and I'm thrilled that it's so easy. Of course, my lines are wonky, but it works fine with the organic nature of these dresses.

Babe is holding Zoe. Or "Zoe Kiggy" as Chick says. Zoe Kitty has a sister who is black and white and is named Maya Kiggy. They both eat paper & go potty in the potty seat. They like to look out the window at "Kitty" our outside cat, and they like to read the "Cats & Kittens" book with Chick. They are named after the cousins that gave them to us. Thanks, Maya & Zoe, we love them!

Other news: after a year and a half of freeloading, I have been given a calling (1st counselor in the primary presidency). Time to get to work, I guess.


Annalia Romero said...

That ric-rac package is so dang cute - I don't think I could even bring myself to use it. Maybe you could decorate your sewing room with it?

Not only is that toy failing to teach your daughter letters - it's teaching her really poor grammar! :)

nikko said...

You haven't had a calling in a year and a half? Crazy!

I always seem to find vintage rick rack lately at the thrift store, too.

I love the watercolor dresses. SO pretty!

Paige said...

Nope, not an official calling, at least. I did help with the Enrichment committee for a couple of months, though. But I was completely without a calling for over a year. It was really weird--I haven't gone more than maybe 2 months without a calling since I was 12, probably.

dana said...

Love the smocked dresses! Real cute and great refashion!

Katie said...

:) great fun to see you and the girls (and dave) too!!

Super Healthy Kids said...

Letterboxing sounds interesting. Never heard of it. Kind of sounds like geocaching, which I do know about.