Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dr Suess, Secrets & Lies, and Murals.

Chick picked up a medicine syringe in the bathroom (used to feed a babydoll who could drink & pee), started playing with it and said, "I'm a doctor. I'm Dr. Suess."

A while ago I got the bug to start REALLY exercising. For several reasons, I decided to keep it a secret from HH. For 2.5 weeks I worked out religiously, and always put everything back as it had been before HH got home so that he wouldn't know. I even went so far as asking someone to lie for me so that I'd have a false alabi. I thought about going a full month before telling him, but it was just so hard--somedays I couldn't tell him anything about my day because we'd walked to the park or something like that. So I confessed.

HH has always been of the opinion that girls like to have tricks up their sleeves. I generally don't (have tricks or secrets), but maybe I should... I don't want to exercise now because the fun is gone. Too bad you can't untell a secret.

Lastly, I painted this mural for the girls' room last year. Yup, last year. I didn't post a pic until now because I was waiting to get the trimwork finished...but life is short, so here it is.


Heather, Rex, etc. said...

I really love the mural. You are seriously so dang talented.

Katie said...

I'm glad you posted the pic of the mural. It's so beautiful! Good job on the exercising! I've been running almost every day down here w/ polly & ken. It makes it a little easier to work out when you have fun people to do it with. :)