Friday, June 19, 2009

Funny stories

Yesterday's funny story:

I wasn't really awake, but I woke up enough to think, "mmm, smells like someone is making some yummy breakfast! I think it's pancakes & maple syrup...." Then I woke up enough to think, "Wait, if I'm not making breakfast, there isn't anyone else here to do it...." Then I woke up enough to think, "Darn it, no one is making's just ME that smells!" I took some fenugreek to help with milk supply & it makes you smell like maple syrup. It was a sad realization, though, to wake up and know that no one was making me breakfast.

Today's funny story:

Chick climbed into her seat for breakfast & I was making oatmeal at the stove. Then Chick told me that she needed a bib, so I grabbed her bib & put it on her & turned back to the oatmeal. I wasn't paying attention to her, though. Next thing I hear is her sort of whimpering and she asked, "Where'd the doggie go?!" I looked back and I'd put her bib on inside out, so the dog applique was on the underside & all she could see was the plain fabric that's on the back.

Lastly, this is kind of funny in a haste-makes-waste-and-more-work-for-me kind of way:

For some reason I have the mistaken idea that I can just do whatever when I sew. For instance: that I can make up my own patterns (sometimes works out ok) and in addition I can do it all without measuring anything (usually doesn't work). So I'm making the girls some shirts for Father's day (stay tuned, I'll post pics when they're done), and when I tried Babe's on her I learned that babydoll Amy would be a better recipient. So now Chick, Babe, AND AMY get matching shirts. (I wanted to add a button that I saw somewhere, but now I can't find it. It said,

"Measure twice, cut once. Meh, just start cutting.")


Annalia Romero said...
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Annalia Romero said...

Coming from Everett, it's cheaper to drive - that said, if you only have to pay for car and driver (no kidsover 5 or other adults), it's only about $14.50? On the way back, you only pay for car and driver regardless. But..taking the ferry is fun, and there's a yummy crepe place right by the ferry in Kingston.

Anyhow, visit me! Kriste is going to, and she lives WAY further away than you do! :)

nikko said...

I do live way further than Paige. ;o) I think she should come, too. Party at Lia's house!

Measuring? Really? Are you supposed to do that?

Matt and Maren said...

haha! your blog is one of my favorites, i love keeping up with what's going on and can totally relate to the lovely aroma of maple:)
the fenugreek and blessed thistle worked wonders for my supply. i did 3-4X a day of both. good luck!