Sunday, January 18, 2015

Last Weekend's Adventure

Last weekend there was a free Ice Skating event.  Monkey and I got home from our photoshoot date just in time to get everyone dressed for the ice, and we headed out the door!

None of the kids had ever skated before.  Honestly, I thought it would be a half hour before we heard the chorus of "I'm Cold!" "I'm Tired!"  "I don't want to skate anymore."  And then we'd come home.


I was COMPLETELY wrong.  They all loved it, and didn't want to leave...even when the rink was closed and everyone got kicked off the ice.

Chick, Monkey, and Moose all did well on their own.  They preferred using the supports...but all three could skate without them by the time we went home.

Owl and Monkey

Owl liked skating the least... which is what I'd expect from a toddler.  She did like it ok, she just was the least.

Otter was the one that surprised us all.  She LOVED it.  If I stopped to talk to one of the other kids for too long, then she'd start going without me.  She never wanted to be stopped, and just went around and around and around.  She seemed to feel encumbered by pushing the support thing, and would sometimes start skating off without it (though she wasn't quite skilled enough to do that for too far).  At one point she took a break on the side with Mr. Fox...when I started taking her back out onto the ice she actually squealed with excitement! 
It's rare to see someone take to something so was so much fun to see.  We're probably going to get her lessons for her birthday (They don't start until age 3 anyhow).

Otter (again)
A great time was had by all.  Even Fox and I, going slow and helping kids, had a fantastic time.  I think it was one of those special outings that we'll remember fondly forever.  And hopefully we can get back out on the ice soon.

Fox and Owl at closing time

Monkey and Me

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S.Ann said...

That does look like a very fun outing. I've never been on ice skates even though I grew up in Ohio.....I don't think they had ice rinks there then, just roller skate rinks. Great pictures.