Sunday, January 11, 2015

Happy New Year!

Chick drew this on the chalkboard on New Year's Eve eve.
If you can't tell, it's her and Owl eating fondue. 
It made me happy that she cherishes our tradition!

I thought I'd reacquaint myself with blogging by sharing my goals for the new year!  Blogging more (i.e. "at all") isn't one of them...but it is.  I mean, it's an unwritten one.

Well shoot, I just wrote it.  Ok, so it is a written one, but it's unofficial.

Anyhow, I'm totally digressing.  My goals:

  • Attend the Temple once a month
  • Run two races this year
  • 10:30 bedtime
  • Declutter for 15 minutes daily
  • Spent less time online (I don't quite know how to quantify this'll just be dictated by my conscience)

Also I want to complete the following projects:

  • Baby books for Moose, Owl and Otter
  • Twin-sized quilts for Chick, Monkey and Moose
  • Remodel the kitchen
  • Redecorate (or rather "decorate" since it's the first time) the craft room in a downstairs room
Already this year I'm far from perfect on any of them, but I certainly don't expect myself to be perfect...I'm just aiming for "better."

To celebrate the New Year...

...we had our traditional fondue dinner.  It was very exciting, of course. The main course was bread, lil' smokies, and broccoli with cheese fondue.  Paired with sparkling ciders.  Dessert was strawberries, bananas, and marshmallows with chocolate fondue. YUM!

The lights on the table (rather than candles) was a new idea this year.  I liked it a lot better.  Mr. Fox still grumbled some about not being able to see the food (he really doesn't like candlelit dinners), so next year I'll add more on the walls and ceiling.

After dinner was a movie night for some (Frozen), and a game after that (Ticket to Ride).  Both the movie and the game were Christmas gifts from my BIL and SIL.  Super awesome and fun!  Thanks, guys!

Mr. Fox went to bed pretty early, as did the twinsies.  Moose fell asleep during the movie, and Monkey fell asleep during the game (she quit halfway through so that she could go lay down).  Only Chick and I made it to midnight.  We were both really tired...towards the end of the game I noticed that Chick was laying down a track of trains RIGHT NEXT TO HER OWN EXISTING TRACK!  ha ha!  And even better?  It was a route that she'd already completed, and was doing the card over again.  lol.  Poor tired girl!  We both went right to sleep as soon as the clock struck midnight.

ps-- Moose says that he wasn't asleep...he'd just been resting with his eyes shut. 


Barbara Johnson said...

That's my line-- "I'm just resting my eyes". Ha!

S.Ann said...

We never had any New Years Eve traditions and I think that it's because the only two traditions that I knew as a child, were eating sauerkraut and shooting a rifle off at midnight. Yours looked very fun.