Sunday, October 6, 2013

My attempted photoshoot with Moose {and giveaway, because it's tradition}

DSCN9402 (640x418)

So.  I wanted to get Moose's "birthday" photo shoot done before the weather got too yucky.  Friday was a beautiful day and a good available time.  I did have three other kids with me...Fox wasn't home yet, and Monkey was at a party, but the babies were sort of napping in their stroller, and Chick promised to be helpful (because they wanted to go to the playground after the pictures).  {The going out for goodies portion of the date will be on an upcoming day ... soon, since he wants to get ice cream and I don't want to eat ice cream in the cold!}

But Moose wasn't specifically groomed for photos.  And he's three.  And he's a boy.  Anyhow, I think I might need to take him in to a mall studio to guarantee that we'll have something for our wall.  I don't know...maybe I'll just say that these are good enough for this year.  He'll still be a three-year-old boy at a studio (but maybe he won't be a running, stick-waving blur in half of their pictures!). 

{By the way, what IS with him and sticks?!  He was playing with a stick in our family pictures last year too.  He's SUCH a boy.}

DSCN9486 (427x640)
#1.  my sapling.
As a side note: I love the park that we were at. So lovely and forest-y.  I took Moose there last year too...I had planned to take him somewhere else for diversity sake, but then the kids were asking to go there for the playground.  They had such a great time exploring and studying nature that I don't regret the location...we'll go somewhere else next year.

DSCN9510 (427x640)

DSCN9497r (512x640)

DSCN9555 (640x512)

DSCN9485 (427x640)

DSCN9446 (480x640)
#6 I can't even tell you how much I love this kid. 
He is frustrating and stubborn, but so loving and sweet too. 

DSCN9391r (512x640)

DSCN9423 (427x640)

ANYHOW.  I plan to attempt pictures of the babies soon...lets hope it goes better.
AND I do intend to update my blog...since all of July, August, and September is missing.  hmmm.  Within in the next week. 
DSCN9503 (427x640)
Ok, I was thinking of skipping the giveaway this time since I still have yet to make the giveaway item for the winner of Chick's photo shoot....  But I'll work on that tonight.  SO I'll go ahead and do the giveaway again.  This time it'll be for something Halloween-y, and probably something garland-y.  Leave a comment telling me your favorite picture and why, and I'll pick the winner at random.
The contest ends on Wednesday at 11:59 p.m. (pacific time). 


The Higham Family said...

I love #7- the smile is so cute and genuine! And he looks so handsome and model-esque in #8. If I had to choose one, it would be 7. Cute pictures!

Brooke Cook said...

I love #8. Its perfect for hanging on the wall. He looks like a cute little model.

Steve, Meghan, Elena, Sebastian, Ariana said...

I like #8 and #6. What park was it?

Annalia said...

I like #9 best (and I know that might now actually be a choice), but #5 is a close second.

All very cute, Paige.

S.Ann said...


I Love It! G'ma N.

Rick said...

#4. Moose looks little and big at the same time. I like how he looks like monkey in this one. To cute! Kendra

Jill said...

I like number 2. Something about it. He's adorable.

Paula Snyder said...

I like #2, it reads "very happy little boy" to me.

Anonymous said...

3,5,6,8 not bad...very C and i like that.