Friday, October 18, 2013

Family Pictures

Last weekend we went to the Seattle Temple.  My sister and her husband were sealed to their newly adopted sons!  So exciting.  She'd asked if I'd snap a couple of pictures, since all of her family would be there.  In return she took some of my little family.

Here are the pictures of J's family:

DSCN9605 (640x512)
DSCN9599 (640x512)

DSCN9638 (640x427)


Here are the pictures of my family:

DSCN9644 (512x640)
DSCN9641 (640x512)
DSC_0238 (640x512)
DSC_0225r (640x512)

There's a story with this one.  I'm not putting this on to make Grandma N feel was an honest mistake, one that Fox and I make from time to time as well...but it's just something interesting about Owl. 

DSC_0234 (640x426)

So Owl is a thumb-sucker.  Otter started out as one, then Owl joined her, then Otter stopped.  So Owl is our only thumb-sucker now, and the only one that did it really for any long amount of time.  She's a comfort-seeker in general.  She likes to be cuddled up with a parent, or a blanket.  She likes to sleep and suck her thumb.  {Otter fights sleep, and will cry about her non-comfort.  Owl soothes herself}  Owl might need more soothing in general, since she's naturally a little more shy and she plays with her hair when she gets nervous about things. 

Ok, so Fox put Owl down for some of the pictures, and I think Grandma (I could be wrong about who) thought it'd be cute if Owl and Otter held hands.  Owl was sucking her thumb, so Grandma unplugged the thumb and tried to help the girls hold hands.  Owl started crying hysterically, and that's when this picture was taken.  I'm curious what Otter thought of it all.

DSC_0240 (640x424)
all better.
I'm leaning towards #4 for above my fireplace.... The lighting is admittedly a bit wonky, but it was very backlit to start out (I photoshopped it to lighten it up).  What do you think?

DSC_0241 (640x424)

DSC_0249 (640x512)


Annalia said...

They're all cute, but I love the first one best.

Anonymous said...

They are cute. Too bad the baby stepped out of that first shot. I like four best. I really like the sign picture...well all of mine.