Sunday, April 22, 2012

Projects and Purchases

Ok, so I'm not purchasing many new things by way of baby stuff...I've already had two girls, after all.  But we do need a few new things.

So I went to three local "Moms of Multiples" sales.  The first two were on the same Saturday, and the third was last weekend. 

Here is a picture of the baby loot from the first weekend.  Baby seat, portable swing, baby clothes, & several pairs of shoes.  I also got things for the other kids-- grow into clothes for Moose, ballet tights, etc.  I spent $100 for everything.  I got one matchy-matchy outfit set (pictured on the right), but in general I'm avoiding outfits that are EXACTLY the same...I'm worried about my other kids being able to tell the babies apart, so I like coordinating outfits more than exact matches.

Anyhow, this next picture is from the second weekend (third sale).  More grow into stuff for the other kids, Sandals for Monkey--but I bought two pairs of them so the twins will have matching sandals when they get to that size. 
Moose got one of those stuffed animal backpack harnesses.  Judge me if you want--I've always looked down on them myself-- but he has no concept of parking lot safety, and carrying two infant seats and having him bolt into traffic doesn't sound like the best option.  I'm pretty sure that anyone seeing me with my crazy little brood will agree that sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.
Anyhow, I got one more little matchy outfit set...These adorable Christmas dresses and sweaters!!  My other girls were both approximately a year old at Christmas, so I knew I'd need dresses anyhow.  Plus all four items were only $13 and are in perfect shape and are seriously so cute.  I also got more onesies...things of which I suspect I'll go through quickly enough to warrant having extras.....

I procured a second infant seat for free, so we're set for those. : )

I'm still on the lookout for a triple stroller, though I recently read that someone used one of those metal yard carts/wagons...and that's an interesting idea. What do you think?  Which would you get?  It'd be for going on walks and for outings such as the zoo.

Ok, so that's it for shopping.  Now on to projects!!  After almost a complete year and a half of having the components sitting in various locations in my kitchen, I give you: the bow frame.

I know, it's super simple, and should never have taken so long to get finished and up.  I have no excuse.  But all that matters now is that it's done, and I like it.  : )

And here is the hat and cocoon set that I knifty knitted.  I did them slightly different--one has a 1/1 knit/purle pattern, and the other is 2/2.  And one has a rolled edge, but I broke it up so that each set has one of each...not sure if I'll keep it like that.  Anyhow, I did a big notch at the top of each cocoon, and then a little loop and button to close it up.  The buttons aren't sewn on.  I'll wait to see how the babies fit inside before finalizing the closure.

I'm going to make little flower clips to accessorize the hats.  Here's a picture of a sample of what I have in mind, but I'm not using that color...I have to buy the right color yarn still...

I'm thinking of either the fuscia-red or the aqua in the picture below.  Which would you do?

We've also done some little home projects, but no pictures.

I'm also growing some babies, but I'm also missing a current picture of my pretty impressive belly.  Soon, I  promise.  But as of a few days ago, the babies were doing GREAT.  They're both about 1#5oz, and developing equally and healthy in every way (that you can tell in an ultrasound).

I've gained 10 pounds so far, which still amazes me, since my other pregnancies were 30-40 for singletons.  But of course, I'm only 24 weeks along, and will likely start packing it on as the babies get bigger.

Next up: hair flower clips for all four girls, name bracelets for the twins (yup, we have the first names picked and are just deciding on the middle names!), painting the nursery, and blessing dresses.  Maybe I can get that all done this week and post next weekend with the results.

I got fabric for the nursery bedding and decor, but I want to get the room painted and the carpet done first.

Ok, that's all.  Signing out.


nikko said...

Those are some great deals!

I love the cocoons and hats! So cute!

Impressed that you already have names. Names are so hard to choose and it seems like we are always second guessing ourselves at the last minute. Are they D and E names? :o)

Annalia said...

I love that green dress...and the bow frame!...and the cacoons! You are so dang talented!

You have names already? What the heck? Are they public? How did I miss that?

Anyhooo...Thanks for visiting my blog. I just stole a ton of hen and chicks from my Mom's house. ...and, all of the ones she brought me last time she visited have "chicked". So, you should beg her for some...or some other gardeny person.

Anonymous said...

Fuschia...the aqua would be pretty, but blend too much with the hat. Great bow frame! Love the garage sale scores too. There were little twin girls at Rosario yesterday...thought of you.