Monday, April 30, 2012

My progress update

Ok, so last week I said that I wanted to get certain things done, so let me report on them....

I made the twins name bracelets.

Then I made all five kids an initial bracelet.  I wasn't going to do one for Moose, but he put on Monkey's and didn't want to take it off.  To get him to give it back, I promised to make him one.  I was hesitatant to do it, but I love when he wears it!  It's very masculine.  Chick's isn't as cute as the others, I know.  I made hers just like Monkey's but in green.  She complained that she wanted the pink, but Monkey liked Chick got the leftover beads and it became a rainbow bracelet.  I don't like it at all, but that's what you get for being picky, I guess.

I also restrung a beaded necklace of mine that has been sitting around waiting to be repaired, so that was a huge little accomplishment.

Hair flowers.
Let me say right now that I don't crochet, but I do thrift store shop.  A year or so ago I found a bag of crocheted pieces-- squares, flowers, etc all in different colors.  I don't know if the person was just practicing a lot, or if they had several projects that they started and never finished?  But I knew that I could do something with I put it all in my "refashion" box until inspiration struck.  Which it did a couple of weeks ago.  I looked through there and found that there were four flowers of the same color pink--all different sizes and patterns.  So I put felt and a barrette in the back, and a brown leather button on the front of each (all buttons are also different sizes), and voila: matching hairflowers for my four girls!  I also did a bonus light pink, and will also be finishing a white one soon.


Also I did the flowers for the hats that go with the cocoons.  I bought blue yarn, even though no one voted for it, and didn't like the flower.  So then I bought a raspberry colored yarn, and love it.  And I'm especially proud that I was able to make up a way to make the flower all on my own.  Like I said, I don't crochet, but I did want a similar look.  I think they turned out pretty cute ; )  Now to find a big wooden platter for the photoshoot...and of course wait for the little ladies to make their appearance.


yarn flower clip

The kids and I went garage saling yesterday.  I got a few clothes for Moose and Monkey, and a toy or book for each (they were very good), and some maternity clothes for me.  But mostly I got school and grow into clothes for Chick, and some things for the babies.  The first sale we went to was at my brother & SIL's house, and that's where I got the baby stuff and maternity stuff.  Including a maternity swimsuit that fits well and is green, but will still take every ounce of self confidence that I possess to get me to go out in public in it.
Funny thing about the garage sales: about 3 people asked if Monkey and Moose were twins (they were in a double jogging stroller).  I would respond by saying that no, they were 18 months apart, but that I am expecting twins.  Then the people would look at me and say, "Really?  How cool!  But you aren't very big!"  Seriously?!!  And no joke, it was about three different occasions--different people, different g-sales, same conversation.

One lady also said that I must be Mormon.  I don't know if she was kidding or not, but I told her that I which she said something about us not believing in birth control.  I said that we're fine with birth control, and her friend said that we just like our families.  Exactly.

Speaking of liking my family: Moose has started saying his own prayer at night (with help, of course) and it is SO CUTE.  It's a good thing he is so cute sometimes, because he's a serious stinker sometimes and he needs to keep a good balance for self-preservation.

Ok, so here's my belly.  you can decide if you think I'm big or not.
25 weeks with twins


I felt pretty huge with Moose...and looking at this post, I was pretty close to the size I am now...but my belly this time is a lot more rounded out--wider, higher, lower, etc. 

K, also HH worked on painting the nursery, but that'll get done this week, so no pics yet.
I didn't start the blessing dresses.
So for next week: nursery pics, blessing dresses.  That's probably all for this coming week, since I'm teaching preschool this week and will be starting layout as well.


Annalia said...

You look great Paige!
...and your belly is huge!

S.Ann said...

Great post!! Loved all your craftiness and the Mormon story. I think that you look huge... and just think of another 3 months which could very well double that look you have going. I meant to tell you that my gr grandmother's sister had identical twin boys, Sherwood & Sheridan. I have a picture of them when they were abt three.

nikko said...

I love the names!

You do look big, but hey, it's twins, so it's all good, right?

I'm impressed that you are wearing heels in the pics. I can't wear them without falling over, even when I'm not pregnant!

Oakmoss said...

you look darling!!!