Monday, December 19, 2011

Letters to Santa

Wow, I've been MIA from the blogging world for almost two months now!  I have so much to catch up on!  I'll start with something short (because I need to get to bed).

It was looking like we wouldn't see Santa, so I suggested writing letters instead.  Chick opted for emailing them.

She didn't want any help on hers, but I did end up adding spaces between the words.  Here's hers:

dder sca cloz,
i want sam papez and dogz and ristacats

(translation: "Dear Santa Clause, I want some puppies and dogs and Aristocats.")  I think she could have spelled Santa more closely, but I think she got distracted while she was typing it.  And what she's asking for is stuffed 101 Dalmations and Aristocats.

When I asked Monkey if she wanted to write Santa a letter, she said, "Yes, I want to write the letter B, because I start with B."  So she typed that, but was having fun pressing buttons, so she wrote lots of other things too.  Lots of 8's because for her they're B's as well.

b- kol0048b8888b8b8b8b--*9847411210
bnn fffffffddddddsa


It's ok that Santa won't know what she's asking for--she just wanted a candy cane, and I think that's pretty standard fare from Santa.

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