Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Family Photos

A while back, my awesome friend Heidi took our family pictures at a nearby park. 
 I'm thrilled with how they turned out.  Thanks, Heidi!

I think we do a pretty good job of not looking cold and wet, despite the horrible weather.  Heidi's family was supposed to be there that day too, and we were going to play photographer for each others' family...but they chickened out : )  And to add to the fun, Monkey had an accident in the car while waiting for us to get things set up in the second location...she was SUPER whiny and clingy after that.  I don't blame her-- it was cold enough without being soaked from the waist down!  But sometimes you have to grin and bear it, and I wanted my family pictures!!  We went home and had hot cocoa to recouperate.

OK, true confessions time: the top photo is pretty much as it was taken.  The bottom photo is HEAVILY photoshopped.  HEAVILY as in Moose and Chick's entire bodies were taken from other photos, and Monkey's head is from a different (yep, that IS the best picture there was of her!), and then of course the usual cropping and lighting changes.


Annalia said...

So pretty! We need new family pictures...our last set are from over 2 years ago. I think it sounds like a great excuse to fly my sister out for a visit.

nikko said...

I think they turned out so nice. I was thrilled to get one in the mail. :o) You must be a photoshop pro. I've tried to switch out bodies, but with notsogreat results.

Such a treat to see so many comments/emails from you this morning when I turned on my computer. :o) You can flood my inbox anytime you want!