Monday, July 18, 2011

Dancing Chickadee

As you know, Chick has been taking ballet classes.  Her recital was in June.  She wasn't nervous, and didn't mind being on stage at all.  In fact, she seemed to really enjoy being there...not surprising, since she often will dance and sing to get people to pay attention to her. 

Anyhow, here are a couple of pictures from the other performances:

Hilarious.  As soon as the lights came on and the girl on the left saw the audience she jumped up and ran over to the edge and REFUSED to do ANYTHING. She refused to even leave the stage at the end...I suspect they had to carry her off.

My favorite Chick-related parts:

She curtsied at the end {twice} even though she wasn't ever told or taught to curtsy.  (She said she learned it from the "Molly" movie).

They danced to Jason Castro's version of
Over the Rainbow

These are the instructors. 
The amazing Miss Laurie is the one with the hat.  She was so great.

We were sitting in the very back row of the auditorium, and behind us was a little staircase and some walking space.  Chick danced along with the other performances from back there for half of the show (it was a two-hour recital).   This isn't a very great video, but it's a little snippet of her dancing in the back.

I couldn't take a video of the actual performance, but Chick did great.  It was a really fun experience for us, and she's been dancing around ever since!