Monday, January 17, 2011

Salt & Sugar & Moose.

I've decided that Chick is Salt and Monkey is Sugar.

Chick adds life to whatever she's doing.  She's full of it (life, I mean).  She is strong-willed sometimes, but she'll be good as new if you give her a hug and tell her that you love her.  She's a name rememberer.  A "who can I walk with to class" kinda gal.  I think she'll be a swing dancer someday.  She is always pushing herself to learn new things.  She NEVER wants to go home, regardless of where we've been. 

Monkey has always had a special sweetness about her.  From birth.  Noticeably sweet.  She's a peacemaker, a toy sharer, a cuddler.  She's shy.  She does like to go out if she's with a loved one, but also likes to come home.  She likes people, but takes a very long time to warm up and show them that.  She is curious and gets into everything.  From the time she could walk she was pushing chairs up to the counter so that she could get into things. 

The line from the "Sisters" song in White Christmas is them: "there were never such devoted sisters."  They love each other.  Despite their differences, they are best friends.  I hope it continues.

And then there's Moose.  I was thinking what ingredient he'd be.  For me, he's the flour.  One of those ingredients that you rely on.  You don't often want to go without it.  That's Moose.  I'm crazy about him.  Three girls in a row would have been really fun, but I can NOT imagine our family without that adorable, happy guy.  He's all boy (the gender difference is striking--there's just a different aura or something).  He's an eater.  He's a lover.

And me?  I'm happy to be around them (most of the time).  Breaks are needed, of course, but after a little while I'm anxious to get back and find out what adventures they'd had in my absence. 


Katie said...

what beautiful insight!

Paige said...

I love this picture of Moose. He looks like he just got caught eating the the last piece of cake and has NO guilt. He is a very loveable 'little' guy....
except when he screams. The child has serious lungs.

-S. Ann

Sindea Horste said...

Wow, your kiddos are sure growing up and fast! They are all so beautiful. I am glad to read that things seem to be going well in your world!