Monday, October 4, 2010

Sleep and the Dress

Here are more pictures of the dress that I did for the competition.  I wasn't picked for the top 50, which was disappointing of course (I won't say more since it'll just be sour grapes), but I'm glad that I did it because it gave me incentive to get the dress DONE. Quickly, even.

the difference between ironed and not.

Anyhow, it's breastfeeding-friendly, comfortable, and fits. And I'm proud of myself for making something so very wearable without a pattern.

I'm setting a 2 week goal, starting yesterday, to get to bed by 10pm each night. This week is layout, so it might be very very hard, but I think I need to do it anyhow. It'll help in many aspects of my life.

yesterday: 9pm.


Annalia said...

Good luck with your goal. That's been my goal for about a year now...and I stink at it.

Cute dress, Paige! It would have got my vote.

Katie said...

very cute dress!! good job!

Susie and Jay Larson said...

Beautiful! You do amazing work! Modest and cute. I am trying to go to bed earlier too. Lets pray for us all (: