Saturday, July 10, 2010

People who say that boy clothes are as much fun as girl clothes are just trying to console themselves.*

Hi.  It's me.  I feel like I miss you all.  Or at least that you should miss me.

Priorities.  I don't have much blogging time these days. 

Or sewing time.

BUT I have a project in my head.  And I'll do it by the end of the month. 

And I might even do a tutorial for the boy part of it! (I've never done a tutorial, but my project seems like a good tutorial idea...and I haven't seen it done already, so maybe it's even somewhat original).

Anyhow, THIS TUTU ONESIE is the inspiration for the dresses that I have in my head to make for the girls to wear to my parents' 50th anniversary at the end of the month!  But with a more elegant fabric on top, and longer skirts.  I had been planning to make long versions of the Can-Can skirt in sort of a dress form.  Then I saw the tutu onesie and knew.

Love at first sight.
So stay tuned.

(I guess I should say that things are going pretty well here. 
It's been a hard hard hard week.  In hindsight I should not have "gone" back to work.  Another month off would have been nice.  So that's been a bit of a stress on me, plus stinky hot weather-- with nowhere to go because I had to be working!  I've made several online purchases as a coping mechanism.  A swimsuit that is one-shouldered AND a good color for me (the aqua one) (It also cost WAY less than the other one that I mentioned the other day).  Spanx.  Unmentionables (in black cherry).  A new step counter because my old one became inaccurate and I should start to be attentive to that sort of thing...  A new patch for my diaper bag.    I think I've spent all of the money that I'll earn this month.

The girls have been good about being stuck at home while I worked, though.  They are dolls, really.  I honestly can't get over how darling they can be.  Even when Monkey broke my glasses yesterday and Chick thinks she gets to take over my reign and decide everything {she told me that she gets to take care of Monkey because she's Monkey's Mama.  I'm the LittleMan's Mama now.}.  Even then.  I'm lucky to be a mama. The Little Man is a delight too.  Especially when he doesn't have a leaky diaper and he's awake and not hungry.)

*Disclaimer: There are some darn cute boy clothes.  Really.  Super cute.  BUT the cutest boy clothes do not compare with the cutest girl clothes.  Honestly, I went to pick up a boy item today and had THE HARDEST TIME NOT loitering in the girl section. 


Annalia said...

It's true. Sad. And true.

Heidi said...

On the bright side, you're far less likely to over-buy or impulse buy with boy clothes. I have a ton more baby girl items because I just couldn't help myself when I would see a sale.....
I'm glad your kids are behaving so well, AND that you are already feeling brave enough to make swim-suit purchases!! Go Paige!!

nikko said...

It is totally true. And don't even get me started about looking for boy patterns. Button down shirts and simple elastic waist pants. That's all.

Can't wait to see your creation!

Steph said...

I agree with Heidi. The fact that boys just where pants and a t-shirt all the time makes them much more budget friendly. I am also finding that the older my daughter gets the more picky she becomes in the clothing area. :( So, boys aren't too bad.

jon & kira said...

Maybe it's just because I had a boy first and had to appreciate boy clothes (because I definitely felt the same at first; I was a bit disappointed to have a boy first, just because I loved girl clothes so much), but there are tons of super cute boy clothes. I will admit though, I would look at the girls' clothes even when all I had was a boy.
I'm glad you told me about your blog! I had fun at your baby shower and look forward to getting to know you better!