Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bits of Heaven

There were several moments in the past couple of days when I snapped mental photos for this posting. Like the other day when I'd just cleaned off all of Chick's outside toys & sat down under the apple tree and looked up through the leaves at a gorgeous blue sky. And today wearing a new thrifted skirt that's long and swishy against my legs (Chick likes it because it's a GREAT twirling skirt). And letting Chick hold a caterpillar. So many beautiful moments.

But I didn't break the spell by getting the camera (and the magic wouldn't have photographed well anyhow).

Here are the pictures that I DID take.

I finished up 3 projects this week, which is SO great since I keep coming up with more & my list just keeps getting longer. It feels great to get things done. 2 are presents, so I can't post pics, but the third is Chick's apron. If I ever sew another I'd make it a bit higher & longer, but I love how this turned out.

She likes it too.
And it's reversible.My neighbors had garage sales, and I got some GREAT fabricky things, as well as some from a trip to the thrift store...I haven't taken any pictures, but stay tuned for some greatness (relatively speaking, of course).
And the latest news on Babe? Well, she's been busy busy busy.
This week she started eating FOOD, and took to it like a fish takes to water. Today she tried avocado and loved it. LOVED it. Like, we couldn't shovel it in fast enough. And the most common phrase that we use while feeding her? "No Hands" because she wants to grab the spoon and feed herself.
A little over a week ago she started crawling, and in the past couple of days she realized the POWER that movement gives her. She is ALL OVER THE PLACE!
Here's a video of her in action.


Sarah said...

What pattern is that apron? Very cute and I am sure it will see many great cooking adventures.

Katie said...

Cute apron!! And I can't believe how big babe is!!

Paige said...

I made up my own pattern for the apron.

Annalia Romero said...

When I first started reading your blog, I thought it was my Mom's - she had lilacs just like those on her table. I didn't realize it was you, until you started talking about your children!
Last year my lilacs were just sticks. This year they have leaves. Maybe next year they'll bloom?