Monday, January 9, 2017

Checking In!

Well hello there!  Fancy meeting you here!

It is late (which tells you how well I'm doing with the 11:00 bedtime, lol)...but I wanted to write a quick little accountability note & update on the week.

As far as my goals go, some are going great. 

I've been most diligent about doing the nightly kitchen cleaning, and I must say that I absolutely love it.  It is SO nice to wake up to a clean kitchen and to not feel like I'm behind already.  It hasn't always been easy.  The other night I had to wake Chick up at 11:00 to unload the dishwasher (her chore) because she hadn't done it and I needed to load it!

I've also done well with my morning scripture reading now that I don't keep my phone in the bedroom when I sleep.

I only jogged twice.  Maybe I should be happy that I jogged twice, since that is twice more than I would have otherwise done...but I worry that it will fall off my radar if I don't do it a bit more consistently.  The weather and kids haven't been especially helpful on this one, but those are just excuses.

Ok, those are the ones that I most wanted to write about.  Now for the update.

This week  was re-entry.  And it was rough.  We'd had two blissful weeks of sleeping in, staying up later than usual, and not having to run here and there for appointments and such.  I loved the vacation.  And then school started back up.  And with it came PTO meetings/responsibilities, and homework, and choir practice, and picking people up at certain times.  And I dragged myself through the week.  It really was hard.  I hope this week will be easier.  Especially since I wasn't the only one dragging, and there was one night when almost all of the kids completely melted down and ended up going to bed quite early.  Which was sooooo needed.

The good news: I enjoyed the PTO board meeting.  We have some fun stuff coming up!!  The things that I'm most excited about (that I'm in charge of) are an Arts and Music Festival at the end of March, and teacher appreciation week at the start of May: "Best teachers in the world" theme!!!  Super fun.  I love themed events.

Owl and Otter took their first ballet class on Saturday.  It was all very blush pink and cute.  They both participated, which is great (sometimes Owl will decided to be shy and just shuts down and goes into statue mode). 

Santa brought "experiences" for everyone this Christmas.  Horseback riding for the older girls, hockey for Moose, and ballet for the younger girls.

Mr. Fox was busy this week with his scoutsing.  They were picking up Christmas trees.  I think he really enjoys his scoutsing.

Lastly, I bought some artificial flowers.  I know that's not super exciting, and I don't even have any pictures because I don't have the right vase yet.  But I'm working on redecorating my living room, and I think these are really quite lovely.  I read articles about how to make fake flowers work.  While I agreed with the tips in the articles, in the end flowers that I got won't follow the rules.  They won't pass as real flowers.  But they aren't even trying.  They have a certain artistic flair to them that I think makes them more of an art piece and therefore are exempt from needing to look real.  What do you think?  What rules do you follow when using fake flowers (or do you NOT use artificial?).  I hope to find a vase this week.  And sew a table runner.  And get some pictures framed.  And FINALLY have the living room book table nicely arranged!  I'll post pictures when it's done.

Ok, that's all.  I need to get to bed.  g'night.

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