Sunday, March 29, 2015

In my little world lately, part one

So much of our days is routine and rush.  But sometimes we do fun things as well.  Here are a few of the latest adventures...these are actually all from February.  I'll do the pictures from March in a second post.
A few months ago our ward Relief Society had a service auction.   People volunteered things that they could make or do as the items to be auctioned.  Bidding was using points "earned" from filling out a questionnaire.  At any rate, I volunteered a set of custom party decorations.  The party ended up being an "Under the Sea" birthday party.
Banner with salt dough sea stars

Poster for "Pin the Starfish on the Mermaid"
Invitations (and there were also coordinated thank you cards & menu cards)
It was a fun project :)
For Christmas Santa gave Monkey a new leotard & a voucher for some gymnastics classes.  She loved it and did really well.  She is a monkey, after all. (sadly it's done now...I'm on the lookout for a good deal for her to keep taking classes.)
This is totally random, but here's a teepee that the kids made one day whilst playing outside.  Sometimes it is nice to have a junk yard.
I've probably already mentioned Wedgits...Owl and Otter got a set for Christmas from Santa, and we ALL loved them so much that I bought more so that there would be enough for us to all play with them at once. 
At first there was a lot of tower-making. 
Then Moose especially fell in love with following the instructions on the design cards to make pre-planned designs. 
Chick then experimented to find different wedges (where the pieces stay together because they are wedged together.  So these are two pictures of the kids showing off their wedges...Moose with a BIG wedge, and the three older kids with a display of all of the wedges that they've discovered.
Valentine's day was fun.  I made heart-shaped breakfast cookies and smoothies for breakfast. 
Then my sister came over for a nice visit. 
Then I spent the afternoon making lasagna for my valentine, the fantastic Mr. Fox.  It was SOOOOOOO good!  Seriously!  The best I've had since I was in Italy. (It doesn't look very pretty in the picture, but it was good.  EVERYONE loved it, which is really saying something).  I used THIS recipe.
For dessert we had heart-shaped apple hand-pies.  Yum.
I didn't put up decorations or do anything very fancy, but I did make fancy foods.
That's it for February.  Fun times with my people!

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