Monday, July 22, 2013

Splash Week

The older girls did splash week at the Y last month.  They both did well, and I think it was a good refresher before starting their summer-long once-a-week class.  {Chick has issues with getting her face or ears wet, but she's starting to get braver.}

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the week:

DSCN8331 (640x480)

DSCN8325 (640x480)

DSCN8307 (640x427)

Monkey seems to be doing really well with swimming, but the sweetest thing is that she looks over to see if I was watching her for her turn, and gives me a smile.  She makes my heart happy, she's so sweet!

DSCN8300 (640x427)

DSCN8295 (640x427)

Chick was seriously NON-STOP smiles when she swam during splash week (as you can see).  She's struggling a bit more now that she's in her once-a-week class.  Her teacher is expecting more of her (and rightly so) and she has a problem with getting her head/face/ears wet.  When she really tries then she does fantastic, but she often doesn't want to try.....

Moose is taking a parent-assisted class this summer, but didn't take a lesson during splash week. I'll take pictures sometime.  He's getting more comfortable in the water...sometimes too comfortable since he doesn't really know his limits.  He's doing well, though.

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Annalia said...

Wow. How are you managing a parent-assisted class? Super lady!