Saturday, August 27, 2011

Eight Years already?!

Ok, I'm getting so behind on telling you about all of the fun stuff that we've done this summer!  So here's  a catch-up post.

For our 8th anniversary HH and I had an overnight date in Seattle.  Grandma N came and stayed with the kids.  Everyone survived (I was worried for Grandma).

It was a short date-- HH isn't one to take time off work, and we wanted to do it ON our anniversary, so we headed down after he got home.  After we checked in at The Camlin, we walked around.  Seriously fun.  We people watched, and window shopped, and I flirted, and we got samples in the food court at Westlake Center. 

I tried sushi for the first time.  A picture just after this one would have been better--when I was struggling to not throw everything back up!

HH got a crepe (from an Asian man....) with blueberries, strawberries, chocolate sauce (I think) and ice cream.  He shared with me : )

People asked us where were from.  When we told them, I'm sure they were thinking, "wow, you guys don't get out much, do you?!"  no, indeed.

We walked down to Pikes Place Market.  It was already closed, but was still interesting.  We saw a man get tackled by the police, and we were asked where a restaurant was when we were standing RIGHT UNDER the sign (but didn't know it, so we said we didn't know where it was).

Then I got hungry, but HH wasn't, so I had to decide on where to eat.  I wanted "something light" like a salad.  We went to Von's, based on good reviews.  The salad that I ended up getting was about as heavy as it comes, but still good.  Unfortunately I'd mentioned wanting the small one, and he brought me the large one, and I didn't realize it, and then we paid more for it than I wanted.  I was kinda miffed about that.  We ate out on the street, which provided more good people-watching, and it also provided a good reflective window for me to take a photo!

Walking home we admired the local art.  Incredible graffiti and a decorated car. 

Here are a lot of pictures of the car, because it was A-MAZ-ING.  Honestly.  There were a couple of other people admiring it when we were there, and I think they put money in the "gas money" bag (there was already some money in it, too).

Then HH made fun of me for taking all of the pictures, and started pointing to mundane things and saying, "oh, look, take a picture of that electrical box."  And then he pointed to a sprinkler and said, take a picture of that has a leak." 

And that, friends, is something that I love about the man.  He knows so many things--I don't know how he knew that the sprinkler was leaky (maybe some of you can tell too?), but he's full of interesting things and you never know it until one day it just comes out.  Makes me wonder what else is in his head.  He's also good about noticing things like a bad crown molding job, or uneven posts.  Which is funny, because he's not aesthetic AT ALL, but he is a carpenter, so I guess that's that.

Anyhow, the Camlin was neat.  It's been renovated, but a lot of old details were kept.  Here are a couple of pictures, but my battery died at that point.

HH left early the next morning, and I went down to the gym, got cleaned up, and walked back down to Pike's Place to get goodies for the kids and flowers for my Mom.  I should have taken a picture of the bouquet, it was so so so gorgeous.  All white, with peonies and some other bell-shaped flowers that looked like paper.  And if you don't already know, there is nothing that can make you feel better than walking around with a bouquet.  Even if you are carrying around a duffle bag and are riding a public bus because your husband took the jeep to work.  People will stop to tell you how gorgeous it is, and it's really just a lift to the spirits.  I felt very elegant.  The bus ride was fun too.  Uneventful.

It was possibly our most fun anniversary, and I loved getting to spend one-on-one time with my man.  So glad I married him! (and a special thank you to Grandma N, for making it all possible!  Wouldn't have been the same with three kids in tow!).


nikko said...

Happy Anniversary! So jealous of an overnight date. That would take so much coordination to happen for us. And, we have no close relatives or grandmas. :o(

Amazingly enough, I have never been to Pikes Place. Shocker.

Annalia said...

If everyone was that good at graffiti, no one would complain about it.

I share your love of sushi. We went to our local Chinese food buffet...and I had to change seats three my various children tried the baby octopi. Sometimes you don't even have to try them to want to toss your cookies.