Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Catching Up: Summary of May

As a Relief Society Presidency we made chocolate covered strawberries for all of the sisters in the ward as a Mother's Day treat...

We had a couple of days of sunshine here and there.

We had a picnic dinner at the temple.

I got a membership at a local gym, and we went there quite a bit.  I started having one-on-one swim "dates" with the girls, to get them comfortable in the water.  The membership has been great so far--I can exercise without someone hanging on my leg or crying at me, and everyone is happy in their respective rooms.  No weight lost yet, but it's felt great to have some "ME" time as well as to get a little bit of exercise!

We went thrift store shopping.  Chick made her first purchase with her own money!  It's this necklace. 

Shopping must have worn Monkey out.
(On a side note, I have pictures of myself at this age sleeping in weird places/outfits/etc.  Chick NEVER falls asleep on accident, so it's fun that Monkey does it!)

When Monkey realized that Chick got to buy a necklace, she wanted to use money from her piggy bank and buy a necklace too.  Then when we went back to the thrift store to buy one, she decided that she needed a purse instead.  A hot pink sequined one.  Pretty cute stuff, really.

Moose started walking.

My kids were cute : )


Annalia said...

That looks like a great climbing tree!

nikko said...

Your kids *are* cute.

I agree about the gym membership. It pains me to pay for something that theoretically I could do on my own, but it's nice to have the ME time, and to exercise without the littles practically on top of you. Or to do it without worrying about injuring them. (Recently I whacked C in the face with the pedal of my stationary bike. Oops.)