Thursday, February 17, 2011

Little Miss Sunshine

Chick turned four last month.

Her birthday lunch was an informal "muffin tin Monday."

Dinner was chili soup with salad.
The cake was "Mr. Golden Sun."  Not my best cake endeavor, but Chick liked it.

She got a new umbrella (which she and Monkey both love), and some new boots (which I love.  Wish I could find them in my size....).

Grandma N made her a place setting placemat, which has been really fun.
She loves it.
She used it for breakfast the next day and spent quite a bit of time finding the perfect spoon for the spoon spot...and then I wouldn't let her use it because it was a grapefruit spoon.

Love you, Chickadee!!


nikko said...

What a cute birthday girl!

Annalia said...

Fun, fun presents! Happy birthday, chick!