Friday, December 4, 2009


I'm taking a "too-stressed-to-function" blog break.

Christmas decorations are mostly up, but the boxes are still all over the dining table. Tree is up, with lights (which is a given, since it's a pre-lighted tree), but no decorations.

I've been working on an extra work project--a 56 page phone book that has a lot of ad design work to go with the actual laying out & formatting.

Plus all of the content has arrived for my usual monthly magazine layout, so the work is endless at this point.

I still have to finish shopping, altering, & packing for the cruise. I planned out an early maternity wardrobe based on how much I was showing with the last pregnancy at this point. Now that I'm closer to leaving I see that I was a bit off in my calculations... I can still comfortably button my jeans with no problem. What does that mean? Maybe it's a boy? Maybe it's a malnourished little person who is saying "FEED ME!"

Anyhow, what it means to me is that I won't quite look as smashing as I'd hoped (and to be honest my hopes weren't all that high to begin with). I will have one pair of normal fitting jeans that I could take, and I'll have some maternity clothes that should look good still, but I'll be even more "in-between" than I'd expected.

But Ahhh, the cruise. All of the details of our little life routine are written out for Grandma, and if I can just make it through the next week then I'll be rewarded with warm (maybe even hot at times?!!) weather, and nothing that I HAVE to do besides lounge around and eat a lot & be entertained.

Seven days, thirteen hours, 55 minutes. (actually, since I started this posting, it's changed to 07:13:43...even better).


S.Ann said...

Why is it so much harder to go thru your pregnancies then it was my own?

Heather, Rex, etc. said...

Oooh. A cruise? How lovely and deserved!

Steph said...

I am so jealous. Have the time of your life. :)

nikko said...

Hoping you get everything done in time. A cruise sounds lovely!