Saturday, August 8, 2009

How the Monkey got her name

Yes (Lia), she does have excellent Mama-clinging abilities. My little Monkey likes to be on Mama's hip. If she can't be with Mama, then anyone that will hold her is ok. just to be held. But she's no slacker--she pulls her own weight, almost literally. She's always been very strong & she really does cling (and thankfully she's a light-weight). And If I'm trying to do something like wash the dishes, then she's clinging to my legs.

She uses her legs to wrap around things in her super-clinging. She likes to be tossed through the air, and she is stealth at snatching things (usually to stick them in her mouth).
She has reddish hair, which makes me think of "Where's Wallace?"...just a little.
And she likes bananas. a lot.But mostly, she's called Monkey because she gets around. She's been crawling for months, but even before that she got around well.
I took this picture today. She and Chick were in the living room playing and suddenly Monkey began fussing frantically. I looked to see this:

I'm not entirely sure how she got like that, but she couldn't get back to standing up & she couldn't let go or she'd she just had to hang there until we saved her. (Lest you think we're bad parents: We did save her, though I was tempted to take a video of it.... This picture is a re-creation, just long enough to snap the photo).


Annalia Romero said...


I figured she was a Mama-clinger when you started calling her Monkey.

Susie and Jay Larson said...

That is awesome! Good recreation!