Thursday, September 25, 2008

A little bit high

Let me start with some background history from last week. Albertsons was having a great sale on several things - Campbells soups, canned stocks, frozen veggies, and fish crackers. All things that I would like to have a good supply of, but since they aren't necessities my buy price is pretty low by today's standards. Well, last week they were all on sale at Albertsons for the right price PLUS if you spent a certain amount you'd get hundreds of bonus Education Label points AND free oreo cookies AND free apple juice. I spent $50, and saved $90-something. I came home on a total shopping high.

So this week Albertsons had another great sale! 70 cents for Hershey's chocolate chips, and $1.75 for several different kinds of juice PLUS free eggs if you spent a certain amount. I spent around $25, and saved $60-something. I came home on a high again.

Last week the high didn't last for very long, though--by morning I was back to my normal self (but with a lot of food storage!). This week my high lasted much longer...all thanks to my handsome handyman. While I was shopping he finished putting the carpet in our master bedroom AND he set up the bed. That might not sound so exciting, but we have been camping out since we moved to this house in January. First it was on a hide-a-bed in the living room, then a mattress on the floor in the guest room, then a mattress on the floor in the master bedroom, then the guest room bed. It has been a long process, but finally we got to sleep on a new bed (well, bought for pennies from my Aunt, who didn't use it all that long), a new mattress set (also from my Aunt & included in the pennies paid for the frame), brand new mattress pad & sheet set...and in our newly carpetted master bedroom! Talk about waking up with a high!

Everything takes so long to finish...I tend to forget how much work we've done and get frustrated that it's going so slowly. It's great when we have payoffs like last night. Plus we have enough chocolate chips to last for a couple of years!

(Here is a detail picture of the curtains that I made last week for the master bedroom)


nikko said...

I can't wait to see more pictures from your home as you finish things up.

I love sales at Albertsons, but I can't keep chocolate chips in the house. ;o) If you have a secret, let me know.

Katie said...

The curtains look great! I bet it's so exciting to see the fruits of your labors. I'm glad you finally have a room to call home. :)

The Higham Family said...

Way cute! I love your decorating talents- someday I'll pay you to be our interior decorator!